Free and Low-Cost Health Care Services in York County, SC

Are you looking for free or low-cost health care services in York County, South Carolina? If so, you're in luck! We have located a variety of clinics and organizations that provide a wide range of health care services to residents of York County and the surrounding area. The South Carolina Department of Family Planning has been offering high-quality, low-cost or no-cost reproductive health care to women, men, and adolescents since the 1970s. We have identified 3 free or low-cost STD testing & treatment clinics in York County, South Carolina, that offer a wide range of services. Additionally, we have located 1 affordable or free dental clinic in or around York County, South Carolina, that provides a wide range of services.

York County Churches are also a great resource for those in need. Volunteers and community members help those less fortunate, including older citizens, the working poor, the homeless, and immigrants. Palmetto Community Health Care addresses the health and wellness needs of low-income, uninsured residents of Lancaster and York Counties who live at 250% of the federal poverty level or below 250% of the federal poverty level. Other assistance includes child care, credit repair, prescription assistance, and case management for families in York, South Carolina.

Get help evaluating benefits, preparing for employment, and accessing affordable housing in York County. Most of the free clinics near you in York County, South Carolina are community charitable clinics funded by grants and private donations. We have located 1 free or low-cost mental health clinic in or around York County, South Carolina that provides free mental health services without health insurance to check your eligibility. Other services in York County include family evaluation, job search and training, and Head Start for children. York County has several churches, soup kitchens, food banks, and charities that can help low-income families and people from all over the region. Free or low-cost health centers in York County, South Carolina help low-income families, children, or people without money or insurance.

Family Promise of York County is a network dedicated to serving homeless families, including single mothers, in the region. Charities, government agencies, and churches help low-income families, the elderly, the disabled, and the working poor in York County. Community Health Clinics provides free quality health care services in York County to low-income families who are uninsured.

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