Continuing Education Requirements for Physicians in York County, South Carolina

Physicians in York County, South Carolina, must fulfill mandatory continuing education (CE) hours every two years in order to keep their registration and practice up to date. The renewal period runs from January 1st of odd-numbered years to December 31st of even-numbered years. All doctors and surgeons (except pathologists and radiologists) must complete a single requirement of 12 credits in the subjects of pain management and of terminally ill or dying patients. In addition, general internists and family doctors who have more than 25% of their patients who are 65 years of age or older must complete at least 20 hours of all mandatory CE courses in geriatric medicine or the care of elderly patients.

Furthermore, under Supreme Court Regulation 39-16, all dental office personnel who place and display radiographic films must have successfully completed a structured radiation safety training course. In Maryland, a partial CE credit is offered to obtain ABMS certification, select peer evaluation, the function of controller or monitor on a medical rehabilitation committee or professional committee, and the function of preceptor for resident doctors or medical students. A requalification candidate can obtain the required 200 hours every 4 years in category 1; they can obtain a maximum of 80 hours in any of the other four categories. To ensure security when ordering birth certificates online, only people listed on the birth certificate can place orders through an online vendor. Online identity verification is required to avoid sending an identity document.

VitalChek verifies online the identity of the person requesting registration on all orders. This additional security step can help people without identification. If you don't pass the online identity verification, you'll be asked to upload a valid ID.

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